Wha’ Happened?

255. 2 years after the 2X near death surgery. Arthritis. Fybro. Radiation. Soon, chemo. Hard to find a path to 173. Have to try one way or another. I need a goal and the appropriate motivation.

The New Normal

So the New Normal is Fibro pain constantly + more if I exercise more. Sounds good.  NOT! So, I am going to take this into my own hands.  Get off all the meds.  Set a baseline. Get hooked up to a chronic pain clinic.  This weight gain and swelling are not side effects that i am willing to live with.  In the meantime, going to keep pushing for modest physical activity gains.  Help me hang in there!


Every step you take.

A tickle on the ribs is painful. Modest pressure on my arm is painful. Every limb swollen 20%. With the unwavering support of my PIE I did this. Yesterday was 150+ crunches and weights. Until I was fount to stress those back muscles for real. 4 days till the Dr. who better have a better strategy.

This is taking more will power than anything I have ever done and I think that I have pushed through quite a bit in the past.

Another painful exercise

The swelling makes for a painful stride and the Fibro is not letting up durint the walk.  Nonetheless, 5383 steps.  NO data because tech. Well, a bit of data. Samsung to the rescue!  Now my body is on fire.  Dixit better fix it, the spoons seem to be winning here.

Oh, aslo tried 1ml of CBD.  Slightly masked the pain, but at the expense of increased dizziness and that “out of body” experience that I am now feeling pretty regularly…but it was amplified within 30 mins of taking the CBD…so I will ask Dixit his thoughts.  There is no THC but there is some interaction going on. OR it was coincidental. correlation/causation etc.


A slow walk. A Painful walk. But. A walk.

Annotation 2020-04-24 075819

I am up to 248lbs.  I woke up today swollen by 20% everywhere.  The walk trigger Fibro with shooting pains on my side that subsided after a few hours.  This is tough.  I vowed to never be near this weight again. When I look back at all the posts from the beginning, I know that I can do this thing.  Not knowing how much time I have left I need to find a way to do it FASTER.

And a one, and a two…

Two. Hundred. Then that twitch that says, ENOUGH! Lots of stretches. Weights. More stretches. Need to ramp up the path to real exertion. May 12th is not far off.

Go – go!

So, a mid-paced 3km walk with Anne this afternoon. A bit crampy, but not bad at all. Further, faster tomorrow. I think I can try some crunches by Monday, if my stretching is effective.

Go on…

So my walk got scrubbed today. To compensate: 500 crunches 4 sets of 17lb arm curls 4 sets of side pulls. Now it’s time to keep the big belly in as much as it can be while going about my daily business. That’s another 300 calories expended!